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Over 500 students and people who are interested in the wisdom of Kabbalah from North America and around the world are gathering for a powerful 3-day event. Through the wisdom of Kabbalah, we will be able to reveal a complete, eternal and inner reality together, existing above the limitations of time and place, and tend to the diverse global problems being revealed to us in the 21st century.

Take a good look at the world around you.
It’s going to look very different after this.

We will move together from lessons with Dr Laitman, to musical gatherings on the lawn, festive meals, connection activities, Kabbalistic Yeshivat Haverim and work in circles of ten. Sitting in a workshop with nine other Friends, each participant gets to engage in an inner dialogue with the Upper Force, which is revealed in the center of the group of ten.

Like the 10 writers of the Zohar who gathered
to compose their book, we too will gather to write
our own story of spiritual ascent.

Once a year we have this special opportunity to gather from around the world to establish the internal network of ten among us, to meet our teacher, Dr. Laitman, and our instructors from the Education Center, and to receive a spiritual boost one can’t get anywhere but live at the convention.


For 10 years running, the Kabbalah Convention hosted by Kabbalah.info has established itself as one of the world’s most culturally diverse gatherings for spiritual growth—a 3-day celebration of human unity and deeply transforming personal experiences. Read more »


The World Kabbalah Convention in North America 2016 will unite hundreds of people, and that connection begins right here, in the preparation and construction of the mutual experience.

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