Updated material to prepare for the upcoming convention

The spiritual process that will guide the lessons and workshops at the convention is now being worked on with the convention content team together with Dr. Laitman. The following is a current status (March 2018) of the flow we are envisioning. Also, feel free to send us your ideas or questions to participate in this mutual construction at:

1. Awe.
– Gratitude and awe for the unique opportunity we have been given: each one of us individually, and this great gathering of people who have been given the precious desire to discover reality’s single force of love and bestowal that created and sustains reality.

2. Awareness.
– Recognition of a person’s broken perception, that one is separated from perceiving the wholeness of the complete reality we exist in.
– Realization of the need to let go of our broken perception of reality, to separate from our divisive perception in order to allow ourselves into wholeness.

3. Annulment.
– From the shattered 1 to the whole 0.
– Annulment in the 10 as a form of discovering reality’s single force of love and bestowal.
– Discovery of complete confidence through the shift in the point of confidence: from my past incomplete confidence in myself to complete confidence in a perfect society that can support me through any circumstance toward adhering with reality’s single force of love and bestowal.

4. Integration.
– After individual efforts become collective efforts, we integrate in the 10, feeling the desires of others, seeking how we can fulfill the desires of the others, and reaching the discovery that we cannot hold that state unless we’re held in that state by reality’s higher force.

5. Transition.
– We undergo a mutual request (“prayer of many”) that leads to a mutual guarantee (“Arvut”): an elevated sense of support and responsibility, toward discovery of contact with the upper force.

6. New World.
– We discover contact with the upper force. We see and feel a new harmonious, unified reality through the 10: realizing the perception and sensation of the one, unique and unified force.
– We realize life in a new world of love and bestowal by everyone taking the spirituality of others as their prime concern, and by doing so, discover our relations in adhesion with the upper force, in the 10 as a spiritual entity (Partzuf).

  • What is the goal of the convention?
  • What do I expect from the convention?
  • What do I want to attain at the convention?
  • How will the convention affect me, the friends, and humanity?

Watch these clips for rare “candies” from the morning lesson and answers to many congress related questions.