Updated material to prepare for the upcoming convention

Lesson Material in 4 Languages

חומר לימוד | Material de la lección | Материал урока

Lesson 1: Awakening to the Creator’s Invitation

Урок 1: Пробуждаемся к приглашению Творца
Clase 1: Despertando ante la invocación del Creador
שיעור 1: מתעוררים להזמנת הבורא

Lesson 2: Discovering the Need for a Ten 

Урок 2: Раскрываем необходимость в десятке
Clase 2: Descubrimos la necesidad de la decena
שיעור 2: מגלים את הצורך בעשירייה

Lesson 3: Dissolving Into the Ten 

Урок 3: Растворяемся в десятке
Clase 3: Disolviéndonos en la decena
שיעור 3: מתמוססים לתוך העשירייה

Lesson 4: Discovering the Creator’s Force in the Ten

Урок 4: Раскрываем силу Творца в десятке
Clase 4: Descubrimos la fuerza del Creador en la decena
שיעור 4: מגלים את כוח הבורא בעשירייה 

Lesson 5: Love Covers All Crimes, in the Ten

Урок 5: “Все прегрешения покроет любовь” в десятке
Clase 5: El amor cubre todas las transgresiones, en la decena 
שיעור 5: על כל פשעים תכסה אהבה, בעשירייה

Lesson 6: Signing the Arvut in the Ten

Урок 6: Подписываем поручительство в десятке
Clase 6: Firmamos Arvut en la decena
שיעור 6: חותמים על ערבות, בעשירייה

Lesson 7: Revealing the Need for the Creator’s Help in the Ten

Урок 7: Раскрываем необходимость в помощи Творца в десятке
Lección 7: Revelamos la necesidad de la ayuda del Creador, en la decena
שיעור 7: מגלים צורך לעזרת הבורא, בעשירייה

Lesson 8: Adhesion

Урок 8: Слияние
Clase 8: Adhesión
שיעור 8: דביקות

Lesson 9: Connecting the Whole World to a Single Ten

Урок 9: Объединяем весь мир в одну десятку
Clase 9: Conectamos a todo el mundo en una sola decena
שיעור 9: מחברים את כל העולם לעשירייה אחת

Do You Have Questions For Rav?

Get Ready for Your First Kabbalah Convention [Course]

Going to a Kabbalah convention is one of the best actions you could do for your spiritual progress.

As part of the preparations for the upcoming 2018 World Kabbalah Convention in New Jersey on May 3-6, we have created this short course to help you prepare for your first Kabbalah convention. This course aims to show why attending a Kabbalah convention is a very important action that contributes greatly your spiritual progress, and get you comfortable with everything that happens at a convention.

LESSON 1) The Purpose of a Kabbalah Convention

  • What is the purpose and significance of a Kabbalah convention?
  • How does a Kabbalah convention contain the highest concentration of means for spiritual attainment?
  • Why do Kabbalah conventions hold immense spiritual potential?

LESSON 2) How a Kabbalah Convention Accelerates Your Spiritual Progress

  • Why is the spiritual progress one can make in a few days at a Kabbalah convention comparable to the spiritual progress one can make in a year of individual Kabbalah study?
  • How our lives are like a movie, and how to transition from the level of the character to the level of the director

LESSON 3) How a Kabbalah Convention Betters the World

  • Why does a critical mass of people connecting at a Kabbalah convention positively influence humanity?
  • How to become a conduit of a positive force in humanity by working on your spiritual development.

LESSON 4) Activities at a Kabbalah Convention

  • A breakdown of convention activities and how they connect to the convention’s purpose.

LESSON 5) How to Overcome Anxiety, Fears and Doubts toward the Convention

  • Why do we experience disturbances on the spiritual path?
  • Common anxieties, fears and doubts people experience leading up to a convention.
  • How to relate to disturbances we experience on the spiritual path.
  • What is the benefit of disturbances?

LESSON 6) How to Prepare for a Kabbalah Convention

  • What actions can you do to prepare for a Kabbalah convention?
  • What is the importance of both spiritual and logistical preparation to a convention.

LESSON 7) What Do You Imagine a Kabbalah Convention Feels Like?

  • Experience a convention snapshot of a with a massive mannequin challenge taken in one of our conventions.

The Spiritual Process That Will Guide the Convention

The spiritual process that will guide the lessons and workshops at the convention is now being worked on with the convention content team together with Dr. Laitman. The following is a current status of the flow we are envisioning. Also, feel free to send us your ideas or questions to participate in this mutual construction at:

1. Awe.
– Gratitude and awe for the unique opportunity we have been given: each one of us individually, and this great gathering of people who have been given the precious desire to discover reality’s single force of love and bestowal that created and sustains reality.

2. Awareness.
– Recognition of a person’s broken perception, that one is separated from perceiving the wholeness of the complete reality we exist in.
– Realization of the need to let go of our broken perception of reality, to separate from our divisive perception in order to allow ourselves into wholeness.

3. Annulment.
– From the shattered 1 to the whole 0.
– Annulment in the 10 as a form of discovering reality’s single force of love and bestowal.
– Discovery of complete confidence through the shift in the point of confidence: from my past incomplete confidence in myself to complete confidence in a perfect society that can support me through any circumstance toward adhering with reality’s single force of love and bestowal.

4. Integration.
– After individual efforts become collective efforts, we integrate in the 10, feeling the desires of others, seeking how we can fulfill the desires of the others, and reaching the discovery that we cannot hold that state unless we’re held in that state by reality’s higher force.

5. Transition.
– We undergo a mutual request (“prayer of many”) that leads to a mutual guarantee (“Arvut”): an elevated sense of support and responsibility, toward discovery of contact with the upper force.

6. New World.
– We discover contact with the upper force. We see and feel a new harmonious, unified reality through the 10: realizing the perception and sensation of the one, unique and unified force.
– We realize life in a new world of love and bestowal by everyone taking the spirituality of others as their prime concern, and by doing so, discover our relations in adhesion with the upper force, in the 10 as a spiritual entity (Partzuf).

How can we create the feeling of one unified World Kli toward the convention? How can we feel that this convention belongs to all of us around the world?
Write your answer below…


  1. Brenda Jones

    We can create the feeling of one unified World Kli toward the upcoming convention by accepting—here and now, as NOW is the time—ownership of this exalted task of preparation on behalf of the World Kli, all of humanity, and especially the One who desires it, stands behind it.

    If we refuse the negative thoughts and criticisms that will surely come and instead focus on the desire for spirituality in each and every friend, making efforts in love and bestowal despite the ministers sent to repel us, always turning together to the Creator for the strength to do so, then surely we will awaken sparks of love that will inflame the hearts of all!

    • Keren Applebaum

      I’ve heard Rav say that the key to making this convention a success is to have strong tens – tens are the vessel for entering spirituality, and that tens in NA are not very strong and need to be strengthened, especially prior to the convention. I suggest setting up a unified, powerful world Kli group action to consolidate and uplift tens – such as, for example, by establishing a unified time and content for tens meetings up to the convention. For example, daily, half an hour before / after the morning lesson, or once a week before YH (or some other time that seems best for all tens worldwide) – when tens worldwide will meet (each ten among itself), and in addition, also to provide content for those ten meetings (a workshop lineup, or excerpts that will be read etc). Otherwise some tens get completely lost, people fall out, discussions go to crazy places (I’ve witnessed and experienced this)… Maybe such a strong unified group action would be able to pull everyone in with the right intention supported by the whole world Kli. Again, Rav has said that without strong tens (in NA especially) he won’t have a Kli to give to, so how do we create this strong Kli of unified tens in NA and the world? Maybe there are other ways besides the one I suggested.

  2. Jocelyne Steeves

    We are a small part of the One creature. Let’s each activate our part to recreate the whole and be as One again.

  3. Amanda Green

    Our heart is big enough for all the pieces of the desire when it is WIDE open! Fear not and know that our Creator is the Good that does Good! Our united, loving world kli has room for all of us, in One embrace. We are secure together. We need EVERYONE across the globe to imagine a love that is big enough for ALL OF US! Hold on! We are one xo

  4. Zsolt Hermann

    I think we already feel the special connection we have in between us, all over the world, above time or space.
    We have to help each other feel our responsibility towards the whole world, we have to feel how important it is to show a shining positive example of the right environment, the tangible, mutually responsible,m mutually supportive relationships that can serve as the basis for a new human society.
    This Congress could be the first, live pilot of such a multi-cultural society others can admire and follow.
    We need to start a “positive virus” that can spread and change the world!.

    • asaf avidar

      asking for creator to give the friends all the power and joy in the work of god, and to pray one for each other

  5. Albert

    The first step is registration, everyone needs to register. Those in other countries should already have a mirror congress registration page up so everyone there can already register for the local mirror congress. So step 1, get EVERYONE to register.

  6. Gil

    Through mutually investing in this congress, nurturing it together like parents taking care of their children, we will build a unified and mutual feeling.

  7. Lio

    We need to be in the lessons together, make an extra effort between now and the Congress to add a day to our framework. Also, reach out to another world kli ten and talk about the Congress.

  8. Oded Pinkas

    נתאמץ בחיבור

  9. Kolman

    More daily task with physical actions sick as this to write something about feeling the Congress as while world Congress

  10. Joseph Larez

    We can reach such a feeling when we feel our dependency on the friends. Every day, every lesson is a global action preparing us for the upcoming global congress. Let’s make an extra effort to see that all our friends are not lacking importance and are with us every moment. We have the power of the group, let’s use it!

  11. Joe Donnelly

    Come to the World Yeshivat Haverim this Sunday!!!

  12. Ariel

    Each one has to take this responsibility, by that we grow from an infant to a child.
    By taking this responsibility I ask for the Or…

  13. Jason H

    We need to connect the whole world kli into a network, where we can feel each other, a network that covers the world like a blanket.

  14. Victor

    We are happy to be in one preparation with our friends all around the world because we are one and we want to reveal it.

  15. Shimi

    דרך משימות יומיות בנושא הכנס, חזרה על החומר, קליפים של החברים מאמריקה, שיתוף עם החברים בכלי העולמי בכלל ובפתח תקוה בפרט. כמה שיותר לערב את החברים מכל העולם בהכנות ובכל מה שהחברים באמריקה עוברים עכשיו, כי זה דבר גדול מאוד!

  16. Ran

    Think about the rest of humanity that is waiting for us.

  17. Вадим

    Переименовать конгресс, не говорить что он в Америке. Межгалактический например.

  18. Michael

    By connecting my ten to a north American ten

  19. Dima Perkin

    Подготовка к каждому совместному действию до конгресса должна стать подготовкой к конгрессу.


    השתתפות בהכנה היא יצירת כלי אחד

  21. Uri

    We in pt israel would like to be in a constant connection with a group from america that is physical contact zoom meetings watsup etc
    As prep for the special convention coming

  22. Pavel

    Конгресс даст нам возможность показать миру новое объединение

  23. Igor

    to create a feeling of one unified kli we need to make each group participate practically in the preparation in some way.

    so that friends won’t be just passive spectators. that way they’ll feel connected.


  24. Christian Fischer

    We need to give friends the impression that we are entering connection for the entire world kli. No one is left out of this connection, and everyone contributes.

    The preparation for the Congress should involve friends from all over the world. Friends from any group, no matter where, should be able to enter a general planning meeting and give ideas on what they think will lead to more connection for the whole world kli.

    Groups around the world should have duties preparing the friends for the Congress – just as we have daily tasks based on the lesson, we should have daily tasks, decided upon by Ten’s throughout the world, for mutual preparation in the Congress.

    We should also create a mutual dissemination campaign on Twitter in multiple languages – invite people to the Congress, talk about the importance of our work, etc… – We need to give the impression of a single, unified body.

  25. staffan

    We can unite for each other, all our wishes and intentions, for our common goal, now!!

  26. Aaron

    To tell other friends about importance of the congress and as a result it will appear to me

  27. One kli

    Friends need to feel the friends in NA. Their desire and passion. Their devotion and greatness. And start to peal the shells from all the hearts.

    • יגאל

      דיווח שוטף של מה שקורה בהכנות לכנס מניו גרסי ומכל קבוצת עם כמס מראה.
      חלוקת תפקידים לכל הקבוצת שיהיו חלק בלתי נפרד מההכנה בתוכן.

  28. Eli

    By attending every morning lesson we can until the congress

  29. Asaf

    The convention is happening in the center of the ten. This is where we all meet. Above place, language and culture. If we see the convention through this prism, then it clearly belongs to all of us.

  30. Owen

    We are one creation from the One, although is seems that we are separated individuals but this is just an illusion that intentionally created and shattered by the Creator to give us a room of Freedom of Choice, it up to us whether we use this opportunity and luck Creator sent and given to us. Let’s together use it. And only together take advantage of the Congress we can bring contentment to the Creator.lechaim.

  31. Natalya

    Everybody should remember about this event. If there is any offer or question for the world kli everybody has to participate at this. We are together!

  32. Айрат

    Объединиться в десятках вокруг конгресса. Писать и думать о товарищах из Северной Америки. Каждой десятке взять обязательство относительно конгресса.

    • Вова

      Всё что нас объединяет это явное Барух разъединяют самое большое препятствие это языки с этим нужно что-то делать

  33. Miguel

    We need to assure that no friend is left alone, left behind during the exit of Egypt ,thus as proposal, we need to enforce or even to demand from the groups and friends, to promote mirror congresses for NJ, and even to manage Help Haver Fund as if it were Israel Congress, either for friends to get to NJ or to the mirror congresses, no one alone

  34. Guillaume Lachance

    There is no border in a unified world. There is no distance in unity. We are moving forward in serving the world to a higher level.

  35. Mark Likvornik

    שנרגיש שרק על ידי ביטול ותפילה, ולא על עצמי, אלה עבור חברים.

  36. Kaleb Browne

    What we can we do to be 1 unified Kli, is do anything but leave and uphold the Arvut. We need too always put the friends before ourselfs. When we have this connection it is the correct connection that unifies us as 1 and convention is ours. Raise the importance of the convention and awaken The entire world together!

  37. hoter

    From now on everything that happens in our life’s happens Becouse the USA congress

  38. Chris H. From SLC

    By preparing our next level together (i.e. NJ World Covention) we all become responsible for the Friends. This is Arvut! I’ve never seen Love of Friends as I have in the Preparation for the New Jersey World Convention! So if you want to create the feeling of One Unified World Kli come to NJ if you include yourself we will receive the Light.

  39. Sagi Daos

    הייתי שמח לשמוע כל כמה ימים דיווח קצר מצפון אמריקה בשיעור הבוקר שחברים משם ידברו על ההכנות על הציפייה שלהם מהכנס על ההתרגשות וכו.

    לשלוח קליפים של חברים שכבר נרשמו לכנס עד כמה הם מתרגשים לקראת הכנס

    לשלוח במהלך היום שיר של הכנס

  40. Jürgen, Germany -Heidelberg

    We have to build together the right chissaron before the congress. We need practical meetings together all over the world to show each other the importance for the need for this unification.
    The world is in an critical state, so we have to act immediately, not to loose time.
    If we don’t do it, nobody will do it!

  41. Oren

    We all take part in the prep and include ourselves in it. Hoping to escape Egypt

  42. Gilles

    let us sink into our hearts that, at this coming congress, the intention to gather us all into a single heart that beats only for Him. Let us make of our particular desires a gigantic container able to receive the light, all the light, which only waits for us to illuminate the world.

  43. Giorgi SPA

    let’s pray together friends , constantly , for our connection and right intention with all sensibility we can find insight of us, to be as one just onse and forever!
    Let’s do the Congress in our hearts fulfilled of Love of the Creator !

  44. Lucian

    By loving and putting faith above reason, we will be a light to the 70 nations giving the light of Torah to those who seek Him but don’t know where to find Him. Through annulment and Chisseron, our burning hearts will combine to realize the Ark of the Covenant bringing to all peoples His Glory, Word, Truth, and Kingship and help to usher in the Age of the Messiah, His revelation, knowledge, and Glory throughout the world.

  45. David Browne

    We need to be in demand of the Creator for this connection and unity. We are ready for it, we have been working for it for a long time now. It is time that we have it. We need to be aware as well, what the Creator is sending us and know that it is all in preparation for what is to come. Only together my great friends.

  46. batel

    Dear friends today we can take to our hearts all the pointes of all the friends from north Amerika and ask the Creator that this pointd will grow to 100%
    We can every hour listen our reminder and to read something for all the world kli and start ouy thougts in our heart from our ten. we can decide about something that we can do for one our friend i the ten giv him impression for all the day/ maybe call him and read from the beginnong of the kesson about preparation for the congress. the most important tha it will be from heart to heart.

  47. דוד

    להתחיל הכנה בקבוצות קטנות לפי חלוקה של העשירייה תורנית. לדוגמא. עשירייה 1 פ”ת יחד עם 2 ממוסקבה ועם 4 מניו יורק ו8 מאיטליה מתחילים להתכונן לכנס. בדרך הם גם עשירייה תורנית.

  48. Sasha Sherman

    Just want it very much. Every day. For all the friends in world kli. For all humanity. For the Creator that gives us this opportunity.

  49. ran shalev

    הרגשה תיווצר מתוך קיום סדר של פעולות משותפות בהם נתחייב לבקש כח ביטול והתכללות להיות כאיש אחד בלב אחד

  50. Ирина

    Это наш конгресс…конгресс всего мирового Кли.Думаем,молимся просим…от каждого из нас зависит Этот Конгресс.

  51. פריבן

    ליצור קשר, ברמת עשרות, עד שמבנה העשרה בפ”ת נער קבועה, או לתקופה ממושכת

  52. Nastya

    Конечно главное это соединения в одно единое кли
    Для раскрытия Творца в связи между нами. Мы должны полностью отмениться перед.
    Мы один единый Адам и пока мы не целые в творцу нужен красивый, здоровый Сын

  53. Amit

    ‏אני מקנא בחברים
    אני גאה להיות ביניהם
    אני מקווה להיות כמותם

  54. Victor

    Suggestion to be One kli on the New York convention :
    Distribute tasks in all tens, for example: make a short video clip 5 – 10 seconds which will be mixed, elaborate one sentence in the ten regarding some topic, participating with organizators on some meeting, etc.

  55. Olga

    Можно ПОЖАЛУЙСТА сделать урок с Равом для женщин??? Заранее благодарим

    Когда еврейский народ получил Тору, то Моше вначале обучил ей женщин, а потом только мужчин, как это сказано в самой Торе: «И так говори ты Дому Яакова [это женщины] и скажи сынам Израиля [это мужчины].

  56. Bright Kane

    Everything depends on the connection between us,as human beings who have a desire to unite above all our differences.This infinite space outside of us where we all find a common ground that unites us, is what we must invest in .It transcends time and space and this warm space is what the world must clothe itself in, as it covers all our transgressions and is infinite in nature.Through every little we can do to connect and get closer to each other in heart and mind ,to this same extent will we discover that our old ways aren’t the way to go but instead, this road of unity above all differences is what we need to harness with all our strength.It will bring us peace, happiness, fulfilment, an altruistic world and a completely new paradigm of connection between us where time,place, and distance wouldn’t matter anymore.This will help everyone discover his place in the general system of nature.Then we will all fit into each other like small pieces of a beautiful puzzle.To create this huge force of one desire for unity.This is our future and this is what we must explore ,impliment and bring to realisation for the rest of the world. Everything good that will happen to the world depends on each of us and this is our opportunity to help make the world a better place through our efforts to connect to one another for the purpose of unity above all differences.

  57. Haim Vilevi

    Each friend assumes the role in the preparation for the congress!

  58. Amalia


  59. Igor

    אנחנו פשוט צריכים להתחבר. נטייה קטנה שלנו לחיבור תביא לעולם אור המחזיר למוטב ותתקן אותנו.

  60. Josia Nakash

    The world is waiting for us to unite – it’s really that simple. We have a great responsibility to the world to unite and pass on the light and the wisdom that comes with it. Our time has come and we can only carry out our mission as one unified soul.

  61. Meir

    Scheduling and attending massive zoom meetings with connections from all over the World Kli may help. We don’t have to worry about translations as the multi-language virtual gatherings will emphasize the external language gap but at the same time highlight the really important thing that holds us all together as One, internally.

  62. Danny Weissfeld

    don’t miss any lesson till the congress.
    take some role in preparation, even just being on a mailing list to read what’s taking place.
    let’s make this our main concern until congress

  63. Merlyn

    All the time I think about my friends with love I send my best wishes to them because I believe we are one…..

  64. Aya

    only via daily action,using every situation to act from the point of our heart…give and receive LOVE

  65. Joe

    We can create the feeling of ownership and unity by everyone preparing with a sense of personal responsibility for connection.

  66. Elena

    Думать друг о друге, дарить любовь и заботу товарищам, впкчатляться как каждый стремиться создать наше единство и тогда Творец наполнит светом наше желание и мы почувствуем, что все мы как Один!

  67. Mironsky

    יוצרים כלי משותף בהרגשה שהמאמץ שלי יכריע את הכף,בפעולה אקטיבית של ביטול והכנעה כלפי החברים מצד אחד ויציאת סביבה שמגדילה גדלות בורא מאידך.

  68. Да бъдем като една - Вера , Пепа, Светла, Таня, Силвия, Вили, Деси

    Нека се омиротворим и усетим силата на любовта, чрез нашето обединение на духа , емоциите и телата.
    Ние сме част от едно цяло, от една душа – моите приятели са част от мен и аз съм част от тях. С любов и обединение с целия свят, с цялото световно кли ставаме съсъд за светлината на Твореца… Служа на моите приятели и чрез тях – на Твореца. Не искам нищо в замяна, искам само да ги обичам и да им отдавам. Да станем едно и да променим света. Силата на любовта променя материята.

  69. Hanoch

    Set timer with reminder to think about the friends.

  70. Sharon Pius

    I wish to prepare myself for the congress by adhering to the singular force and enter with the intention of awakening others to this Truth. We need to prepare ourselves to arrive at the congress already equipped with faith and importance and with our (Israel’s) role to be realized. We should not expect to receive an awakening during the congress. We should pray with intention that in awakening others… and there is nothing else. I draw the light. I provide the light to you, in the prepared space devoid of egoistic reception. And this is what I desire for Israel.

    It is written in The Zohar (Veyikahel, pp. 32-52): “Each day a voice calls upon all people in the world, ‘This depends on you. Separate a part of yourself and devote it to the Creator.’” At some point in life, thoughts and desires to draw closer to the spiritual come to every person, and it depends on us whether or not we heed that inner call. The voice reassures man that by casting aside his needless, transient, and earthly desires, by ceasing his endless chase for their appeasement, he will attain true and eternal happiness. – Sefer HaZohar – The Intention In a Prayer

  71. ofer nakash

    Please every morning lesson I want to hear questions from North America

  72. Avi Mazor

    To create a unite world kli for the congress we need a will to connect between us and a common prayer to be as a one man with one heart.
    Love to all from Israel 🙂

  73. TEN 22, Petach Tikva

    * Unite with another Ten in the world Kli to speak with them on the importance of the congers.

    * The attitude to the congress stem from our pride.
    If someone want to study the wisdom of Kabbalah, we should’t dude them if they are stiff or keen etc, our roll is to embrace and hug warmly into the path any such point just as Rav teaches us. we should all storm the congress as much as we can for it to succeed in the US and everywhere. We should give the friends the security and support.

    * Discuss it in our Tens, give it live in our Ten, chew it, kneed it, make it important to us.

  74. Alex

    לשמור על הכוונה שאנו יחד עושים נחת רוח לבורא בערבות

  75. Roie shamay

    המטרה הזונרצום את עשירייה לבקש עבור מחלקת אנגלית, להתחבר בעשירייה בשביל

  76. Julija G

    I think that the most important is to talk to each other. We have to act and do everything for connecting different groups, people, activities, workshops and you name it.

  77. Ratz

    אנו גוף אחד. הלב מופנה להכנה לכנס.
    .באחריות ותפילה עבור החברים

  78. lev krovatko

    According to the kabbalists there has been created only one soul, the soul of adam. It means that everyone, including myself, is belong to that soul. And every mutual effort to connect the pieces back to this soul, is promote us to the redemption


    you can write in the lessons schedule the word ten

  80. eran

    every person or mirror congress, during the congress should be able to send yeshivat haverim and.these messages should be read as we do in all yeshivot haverim

  81. Adamhayot

    Dear friends
    To add at list 3 meetings of the tens all over the world kli, as a preparation for the congress


    אני מנסה להרגיש שנכנס עולמי, אבל מתרחש בניו ג׳רזי.

  83. Eduard Nuzbroh

    Обязаны каждый день говорить на утреннем уроке хоть пару слов о конгрессе.

  84. jakob priel

    Question from the conference staff
    How do we create a feeling of a single global tool for the New Jersey Conference, which belongs to all of us?
    My answer
    We will try to do this as if we want to do so mechanically
    נשתדל לעשות זאת כאילו שאנו רוצים בזאת בצורה מכאנית

  85. Shai Zamir

    1. twice or once a week. give all the world Kli, a overview and updates about the preparation.
    2. every day as a circle, one of the north america group should be connected online and ask questions about the content of the lesson.

    When we start studying the congress lessons – the congress already started.
    This is the world Kli congress, congress time is a results.

  86. Hiro

    We need to make one intention and one desire for exodus from Egypt during this congress.Love and Arvut.

  87. דינה שטרית

    . כל אחד מאיתנו חייב להרגיש בליבו שאין כח בעולם שיכול לעשות משהו נגדו יתברך.עלינו לנסות רק להדמות לו בתכונה אחת והיא תכונת השפעה.אין .
    עוד מלבדו

  88. Женя

    Если мы все очень хотим чего-то, нет другого средства, как обратится с просьбой к Творцу за всех наших товарищей.

  89. Eyal Oz

    Each morning lesson have at least one lesson that will be preparation for the congress.

  90. Eliyahu

    Evermore, in the events around us, our intentions are beginning to steer matters. We have hope to yet grasp the reins and pull us and the world behind us away from Cataclysm and ever upward towards the Creator. Individually we are ineffective at best, and random noise–a statistical drunkard’s walk into further darkness. However, in unity–we coalesce into a pure clarity of sense, prayer, and effect.

    It is this North American Congress. It is this time. We will be one, and One will make it happen–NOW!

  91. Aaron Chester

    Let’s help and support each one on our tens to do whatever it takes to be in the lesson everyday from now until the Congress. Lechaim great friends!

  92. Esteban Brown

    The Latin America kli is not one kli alone alone, WE are part as logic demonstrates part of America (America is One Continent) so this attribute is given to Us by the Creator, WE need to use it within his own force WE are One Kli the American Kli The Kli Olami sons of Baruch Bnai Baruch LeChaimmmmmm

  93. נסי

    לחלק מתנות בין כל הקבוצות בעולם לכלי האמריקאי ולפתוח מקום בו מתפרסמות המתנות כדי להתחיל להגדיל אהבת חברים.

  94. On line course Bulgaria 2017

    Wherever there is a hate – let it be Love. Wherever there is a despair – let it be Hope. Wherever there is a doubt – let it be Faith. Wherever is darkness – let it be Light. Wherever is sorrow – let it be Joy. Wherever is a lack – let it be abundance. Let all be Blessed by the Creator.

  95. Гамлет

    Пуст каждый товарищ во время подготовки до конгресса и во время конгресса, отправит впечатления от то что было и предложит дальше по поводу мероприятиях… Так он включается и отправит свою уникальный частичку. Но надо создавать платформ для такого включения.

  96. Adrian cinciulescu

    All depends on what we can do in every moment that we think at the friends, the society, the goal and at the revelation of the Creator in this world.
    All that we can do and not much than that as we need to exert only in the fields where we take the influence of the good environment, as this is the place from where the life steams and spread outwards the entire world.
    I pray that we can do it as much as possible inside the Ten.

  97. pavel p

    My dear friends North American kli , pleas tell abouy greatness of the creator, by this we will be concerted!

  98. Ofir Levi

    Because of the importance of the conference in America and the worsening state of the world (leed by America Lechaim !!) I think the one of the lesson should discuss this issue (maybe one of the opening lessons). To give further urgency to our unity in the Ten. Love is all we need 🙂

  99. Eitan (Jerusaleam)

    Tens from all over the world can team up in groups of 3-4 tens and do the whole proces of th preperation together, do the daily task together, send videos to each other. start connecting, daily zoom meetings and so on.

  100. Eitan einy

    אנחנו ניכנס ביחד כשיהיה להכנה לכנס, נכלל עם ההצעות לשיפורים והתגובות לתכנית הכנס, ונכללות ונוסיף את התפעלויות שלנו לגבי הצפיות שלנו לקראת הכנס. לחיים!!

  101. Shlomi

    I think that we should have an exercise of the main subject of how do we all, allways keep a prayer to the creator for everything.. and how do we allways end every action in the group with that.
    I love you
    You are the greatest of the generation

  102. Sigal Ratz



  103. Israel friedman

    1. At the beginning of each day of the congress, specify what are going to pass the same day and before each lesson to give an overview of what are going to discuss the lesson in terms of the content and requirements of participants.
    2. Questions in the workshop will be presented together in all languages
    3. A daily task to give one of the questions that arose in the class to select between the members.
    4. At the beginning of each shiur, each person will write what he wants to achieve in the lesson. At the end of each lesson, each will write what he has given to the tenth in the shiur.
    A general thought before each lesson – how to turn Torah into prayer?

  104. Sol

    More women themes.
    I will love to see them more singing.


    1. בשיעורים הראשונים לשבת בעשיריות מעורבות לפי שפה כמובן
    2. להתחיל את הכנס בחימום הלבבות ע”י שירה וריקוד שכולם פעילים – מודגש – לא בישיבה
    3. לקיים מספר פעמים בשבוע דיון בעשיריות על הכנס בכוונת חיבור
    4. לקרא כל יום , בעשירייה, קטע מחומר הכנס ולשאול עליו שאלת סדנה

  106. Denis

    Хотел бы пожелать организаторам конгресса суметь так выстроить учебный процесс, что бы привлечь максимальное количество Высшего Света. Свет поможет нам достигнуть следующей ступени, объединиться и распространить знания о науке по всему миру.

  107. Alon S

    Allow any participate to share his heart and say why he comes to the congress and what he needed to give up for it

  108. mona

    To take part emotionally in all preparation, morning lesson, YH leading up to the congress. To see the convention residing in the network between us and every ten, is responsible to host it. Come congress, whether in mirror congress, virtually or physically – follow every moment as if we were sitting with our 10 in front of the Rav.

  109. Rono Lubin

    I recommend frequent updates.

    A blog section on the site (with frequent, short posts) would be a nice way to get everyone involved, sharing news on which groups or which friends contributed, the potential size of a mirror congress, how many are coming from such and such group, etc.

    We can keep everyone worldwide in the know of what’s being prepared and how the congress will be amazing.

    They can also see how widespread the preparation is, how many groups are participating, they’ll know it’s not an American congress but a global effort.

  110. K D

    I think it all depends on how individually we give importance to this congress and then through that individual importance we then pass that importance on the group. How much can we inspire the group with the importance of this goal is the most important thing. If we as individuals are stoking up the group then we will cause a great fire. This is not just an American congress this is a truly world congress and we must treat it with great importance and show the rest of the world kli how seriously we are treating it.

  111. Sapar

    Theme of 4 lesson is similar with 7 th lessson

    I sugggest change 7 theme to 9 theme (perciving reality Through the ten)

    And 9 theme Expanding the force of love

  112. Олег

    Главное правильно выстроить намерение, так чтобы в итоге всем можно было получать ради отдачи Творцу, группе. Слушать Рава, объединяться не думать о себе, молиться за ТОВАРИЩЕЙ. Думаю ничего нового не предложил, вместе!

  113. lior segal

    I suggest that tenths of North America will Lead the lessons related to the congress start from tomorrow and till Rav is flying to the u.s

  114. Gil

    maybe for the music should be live but nigunim of ball sulam even in the nidlle of a lesson to make more iner conection, and regaeding the praperetion i think we need one a day to do a zoom meetings a couple of mix tens around the world that speaks the same languge once a day as a preperation, and in rotation every day diffrent tens zoom meeting.

  115. וירון דרור אברהם דאי

    שוב פעם כנס…אני מכיר , אני יודע, בסדר הבנתי… פשוט נורא שמתגנבת כזאת מחשבה… זה הכנס הראשון ואולי האחרון, הזדמנות אחרונה של החיים הגשמיים שלי, שם כולנו יחד נזכה ואולי רק אלה שהתאמצו בכוונות לחיבור מעל הדעת… אולי בכלל חלק מהחברים שלי כבר עברו מחסום ולא מספרים לי… לחץ… כך צריך לחשוב, להסתלק מהספק, בגימטריה עמלק שהוא שורש הרע, על מנת לקבל…

  116. David

    שכולם ירשמו לכנס
    לא רק מי ששילם ונירשם בניו ג’רסי
    אלא כך אחד שמשתתף בכנס מראה בכל מקום שבעולם
    ככה יהיה תחושה מדהימה של כמה חברים באיזה מקום שלא יהיה מחוברים וחלק מהכנס

  117. oren levi

    i just want say thanks for your love

  118. cli Nikolaev

    We suggest after the Saturday lesson to organize a joint conference of the Ukrainian and American groups

  119. Niv

    We will follow Rav’s advices in the lessons and try to implement them one by one for example writing comments about the Congress connecting with groups Etc

  120. Ten 8 Petach Tikva

    We are ten No. 8 from Petach Tikva.
    We offer our service as a ten to the organizers of the congress to do whatever suite their needs.

  121. Ten 8 Petach Tikva

    Add a different group from the North American kli to each preparation of morning lesson.

  122. jesus barbosa

    Podemos sentirnos parte de la convención si comenzamos a participar en ella, a través de nuestro de deseo de conectarnos, participar en la preparación, clases matinales, reuniones de amigos, brindando apoyo a los amigos que lo necesitan, en general incrementando la grandeza de la meta, la grandeza del Creador, dirigidos todos hacia un solo objetivo, una sola meta, darle contento al Creador

  123. Ten 8 Petach Tikva

    Make sure every friend make it to Daily Lesson so we’ll draw the refactoring light so it would help us reach the correct prayer.

  124. Deb Z

    THINK ONE…ONE heart, ONE soul, ONE connection, ONE earth, ONE goal to UNITE! There is no separation between us because WE ARE ONE!

  125. Margarita

    This is what came to mind:
    “If MY people who are called by MY name will HUMBLE themselves, and PRAY, and seek MY face, and TURN from their wicked ways, THEN I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14
    In BB vernacular Nullify, Pray, Seek His Greatness, and Unite! We can do it!!!

  126. Paz

    Let’s share our preparation stories into one great big origin story of preparation.

  127. Ruben Romero

    Each one of us around the world should feel that we are in this together without any distinction of what country we come from, what language we speak or customs we are used to. We are building a new world together and we all must focus on our desire to bestow as opposed to our desire to receive. Let’s all pray and visualize the friends bestowing onto each other and feeling happy with the light that the Creator is going to allow us to a achieve and by that many more points in the hearts will be awaken throughout the whole world.

  128. Guillermo Pardo

    Integrate as much as we can with our Ten and with the general group. Active participation in lessons and activities, showing the greatness of the friends and of the Creator. Constant prayer and concern about the friends as if our lives depend on them (they do!) Listen to the music, learn the songs, go through the materials. We need to do everything we can and give our 100% to make the leap! Be grateful for such friends that we have, the devotion in their hearts, see only the merits of our friends and be envious of them!

  129. ravit segal

    To add a daily 1min pray in the Tens meetings, to pray the Bore’ to give us the force to delight him

  130. Angeles Sánchez

    Yes, include music at the beginning and end of each activity throughout the conference.

  131. chris j

    after the gathering of friends this evening, i felt it on a new level how all of us around the world are connecting to the one thought and idea of being so close together, while at the same time miles and miles apart. it truly doesn’t matter. it’s the idea that connects us, our goal that connects us, and there are no languages or cultures that separate us from that. the more we aim to be above our bodies, the greater success we’ll have!

  132. Alexander Tsodikov

    I suggest second day of congress evening, at May 03,2018 f.e. staring 9:00pm we need to create musics/songs YH per languages: English,Russian,Hebrew and Spanish.
    It will help to create atmosphere of unity already in first part of the congress.

  133. Effi

    Dear North America group!
    Dear beloved brothers,
    We are so happy by the gift you received: preparing the New Jersey congress!
    We, HAVER group are all with you, hugging strengthening and standing by your side in all help you may need.
    Go with all power forward!!
    All the man and woman of HAVER group.rishon le zion

  134. Mary Pennock

    If even a single friend is left out of the preparation, he or she is left out of the congress. We need to care for each and every friend with utmost care, concern and love. Have they registered for the congress? What do they need to be able to attend the congress, physical or mirror? Are they involved in the preparation in every way possible? And so on…

    By nurturing and serving the friends, we will bring Him contentment.

  135. Gleb

    Music: interaktive musical games would involve public very much.
    Workshops: long time slots and perfect repetition of the workshop rules will ensure deep connection.
    Schedule: introduce people in charge of breaks, make the breaks powerful connection moments, use Tasks for breaks.
    Transformation and feedback: figure out all together at the beginning of the Congress and each day what we want to achieve and monitor the change, provide feedback to each other.

  136. Israel friedman

    At the end of each lesson build a thanksgiving and a shared prayer for the world kli that continually work for the greatness of the Creator among us.

  137. נסי

    להפוך את כל קבוצות אמריקה לקבוצה אחת עד הכנס, ולהתנהל בצורה זו לכל דבר שאפשר.

  138. Mónica Cordero

    Un momento de hacer una actividad junt@s que no nos separe el idioma o país. Compartir juntas

  139. Israel friedman

    Suggestions after today’s lesson
    1. Be happy with everything we did in each class especially for the conference because the joy comes from good deeds.
    2. To build a special workshop on how to establish the importance of a world government that will be an autorota and serve the entire world at every conference.
    3. How to see all actions as part of the repair of the broken tools
    4. In America, which is like the ruined Babylon, we will be like Avraham who gathered the points that he aspired to connect with the Creator.
    Thus we will reconnect all the sparks to a great prayer for His greatness

  140. ofer nakash

    To transfer all the preparations for the conference to the World Cup without groups from Israel

  141. ofer nakash

    During the conference, prepare a lesson with a workshop and discussion on the establishment of an international working group that will begin work immediately after the conference

  142. Regev.y

    Change the names of the lesson’s to something more simple that everyone understand and can relate to.

  143. Gil

    before every lesson preperation workshop and all tens writes a prayer together as one. at the end of lesson discussion on the goal -in wich state are we now and in wich state we want to be till the next lesson and let other tens from world kli broadcast and share it also.

  144. ofer nakash

    To do zoom encounters between tenths of Israel and tenths of North America

  145. ofer nakash

    To do a common Watsp among groups for preparation that will engage in admiration

  146. Hoter

    I wish for u to after u. Come to the congress to enter the inner state of the congress that between the friends

  147. שגיא דאוס

    אני מאחל לחברים החדשים שירגישו שמצאו את האמת מצאו את המשפחה שלהם את החברים שלהם את המקום הכי חם אוהב מחבק מרגש מלטף את המקום שממנו יכולה להגיע ההצלה לאנושות וישאר בהם רושם כזה שירתו להישאר ולצעוד איתנו בדרך

  148. Henriette Koenen

    Why are men and woman separated from the convention workshop group. We are all equal and connected with each other. In the spiritual world there is no difference between man and woman.

  149. Justin K. From Salt lake city

    We are here in the now and always have been in the most perfect of states! Together in this preparation we can only move forward, increasing the desire to finally reveal this simple fact as one in the upcoming convention. I can’t wait to meet you there my friend!

  150. ofer nakash

    Each one asks himself how he connects different mental languages and times to one point within his heart. Thanks

  151. ofer nakash

    To organize all the material details and to direct ourselves only to be together with friends who demand only one thing


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