Global Covenant

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Let’s start preparing a basic agreement as the foundation for the Global Covenant

During the congress, it may seem that our virtual connection above place and time depends on the technology aimed to interact with our ears and eyes. But in fact, we wouldn’t have assembled it for such an exalted purpose if all of us were not already dreaming of, visualizing, hearing, and feeling this longed-for state that is approaching us.

Every day friends, groups, and tens from all over the world are meeting and working together! Now that we have created this connection, we cannot let our virtual union be a transient event, to allow the love we share fade away!

We want to nurture, sustain, and strengthen the first fragile bonds growing between us that sprout from this world and reach into the upper world.

During the last Global Event of the Congress, we ask that with the efforts above reason we, actually, lay the foundation for the worldwide arvut – a simple, basic, and practical covenant that will keep the virtual connection alive from the end of this Congress to the Big Congress in Israel.

We’re asking everyone to think about and write:

What are the few most important practical things that we agree to guarantee each other, in order to hold us together until the Big Congress in Israel?

What do you agree to commit to?


“I Commit to______”

Fill the heart of the friends with love


Raising the friends importance above my own

Teddie Lensing


Esteban Brown

Trabajar en difusion , edición en Proyecto Archivo y Servir al Kli Mundial.

Maria. Soto


Alek Simon

Pray for collective unity among all peoples of the world


Being an active participant as we strive to connect above all artificial barriers such as location, timezone and any such that may connection.

Henry Safeli

Exert to act above my state and fill the friends with emotionally charged importance


Actively annul


Be a ZERO in my ten and not an obstacle to connection


lograr la Arvut

Julieta Colman



להתפלל על החברים שיוכלו להתפלל לחברים

אפי ויזל

Praying for my friends as much as possible


Всегда думать и молиться за всё МИРОВОЕ КЛИ!!! И всегда помнить,что "НЕТ НИКОГО, КРОМЕ ЕГО !!!"


להיות חלק פעיל בערבות עם חברים


I commit to being in the 1 desire to raise Man with the Friends and praying for them to reach the state of Arvut to bring contentment to our Maker.

John L

i commit to fulfill all my duties in this common body of World Kli.


A rezar al Creador cada día por la unión de las chispas del corazón de mis amigos en un sólo corazón donde Él se revele para alumbrar y guiar a toda la humanidad hacia la meta final

Begoña Valido Rivero

Any day where I am unable to connect physically or virtually to the Friends--then to read something from Shamati, Rabash's letter, or another of our books --something at least--beginning with the intention to connect to the Friends through it.

Elliot Pines



Actively every day dessiminate our materials in the social media

Tatiana Zusin

Do everything within my power to see every situation through the eyes of the ten and respond to it as if it’s the ultimate opportunity to go above our reason


Living the one man, one heart pledge for the revelation of Torah.


I commit to let a spark of love run around the world every morning when I wake up to ignite the friends.


Уделять внимание и молитву вопросу каждого товарища.