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You must get your convention tickets and book your hotel room separately.


Convention Ticket Details


The full 4-day package convention ticket fee includes entrance to the convention and all meals from dinner on Thursday through lunch on Sunday. The 3-day convention ticket fee includes entrance to the convention and all meals from breakfast on Friday through lunch on Sunday. Hotel reservations are not included in the fee and must be made separately through the “Book Your Room” button.

Convention tickets are required for everyone attending the convention. If you are registering children, please fill out the separate child registration form/s (available after clicking on the “Get Tickets” link on this page), and follow the instructions to complete the registration for your child, or children.


Discount for First-Time Attendees


If this will be your first Kabbalah convention, then you are eligible for a discounted rate.
4 Day Package at 5.
3 Day package at 5
Contact to check your eligibility.




Children 5 – 17


Children 0 – 4




Liability and Media Release Waivers

All convention attendees are required to agree to the Liability Release and Media Release Waivers on the registration form. Read the full waivers.


Hotel Reservation Details


Hotel rooms are NOT included in the convention fee. You may reserve your hotel room here but payments must be made directly to the hotel.

The discounted hotel room rate of 9 + tax per room per night is effective for rooms reserved for the nights May 2 – 7.

The hotel will allow up to 4 people in a room so the cost of the hotel room can be divided and shared by the number of people staying in the room together.

All hotel room reservations require a deposit for the first night’s cost or a guarantee with a major credit card.

The hotel requires a credit card deposit upon check-in at the hotel for payment of room, tax, and incidental room charges.


Need help finding a roommate?


Registration FAQ: As Simple As 1-2-3


Arrival & Departure Information

This information is very important for meal planning and for organizing shuttles from and to Newark airport. Regardless of how you are traveling (by car, plane, train or anything else), please complete the Arrival and Departure form as soon as you know your schedule.


Register Adults

Click on the Get Convention Tickets link on this page, then select the “Register Adult” option, and complete the form for each adult.


Got Children?

Great! Click on the Get Convention Tickets link on this page, then select the “Register Child” option, and complete the form for each child.


Need to Pay (or Not)?

Registration to the convention needs to be finalized with payment, i.e. without payment, you are not considered as registered to the convention. Payment is the final step of the registration process that starts here.


Am I Really Registered?

If you completed the initial form (whether you paid or not), you have only completed one stage of the registration process. You can then expect to receive reminder emails to complete your registration by payment. If you receive no follow-up communication, send an e-mail to


What’s Next?

Don’t Forget Your Hotel Room!!! Registration does NOT include the hotel room. Click on “Book Your Room” to reserve your room. Please make your hotel reservation before 11:59 pm EST on April 18th. Our discounted room rates are only valid until this date and time.


Need a Roommate?

If you wish to share a room, we can assist you by making available to you a “bulletin board” of others of the same gender seeking a roommate for a double, triple or quadruple occupancy room.

​Fill out the form for a Female Roommate or a Male Roommate and you will be granted access to the roommate seeking a bulletin board (spreadsheet), where you can find others seeking a roommate. Within 24 hours of completing the form, you will receive an email with the spreadsheet link. It is your responsibility to find and confirm your roommate and to make arrangements between you to share the cost of the room.

One roommate will need to book a room with the hotel.

​For help with finding a roommate write to:


More Questions?

First, check out the FAQ. If you still have questions, send an e-mail to, and one of our volunteers will help you.