Help Haver

What could be more enriching than
hugging a friend and feeling the connection?

​Many friends in our community desire nothing more than to join us for the congress and together attain the next spiritual step. Flight tickets, accommodation and the congress fee have to be paid, and for some the cost is just too onerous. Help Haver is a fund that provides loans and grants, on a case by case basis, with the purpose of helping friends under financial stress to attend our conventions.

If you can help please donate below or if you need help yourself fill out this form.

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How does the Help a Friend fund work?

The fund relies entirely on the generosity of our friends. Friends who wish to provide friends with an opportunity to spiritually advance, and who thereby increase their own spiritual advancement (Sources: Practical Advice by Rabash,” “They Helped Every One His Friend,” “Rabash – Letter No. 37), can contribute funds into the Help a Friend fund.

​Friends who wish to receive financial assistance to come to the convention fill out this form and funds are allocated according to a calculation between the amount of funds received in the Help a Friend account, and the responses in the forms that are filled out by applicants wishing to receive financial assistance.