What do you wish for everyone attending the upcoming convention?

Inspire your friends by writing what you wish for them in the comments below…


  1. Christian Fischer

    I wish for all new students to experience the sensation that he has discovered the purpose of his life, and that in our society he can experience this purpose. I wish for the students to feel immense joy, immense deep sensations of connections, and a newfound approach towards life. I truly wish all new students to come and experience the beautiful connection we call congress.

  2. Zohar Mor

    I wish for all those coming to the congress to feel the true feeling of connection, how the Creator bathes the space between us as we unite as one man in one heart

  3. Ran

    Find the real taste of life

  4. Javier Elizondo

    Deseo que reciban la fuerza para anularse ante los amigos y poder sentir al Creador dentro de la decena, como esa puerta que nos abre la oportunidad de incorporarnos mas y mas en el otorgamiento y en sentir la vida dentro de la conexion con los amigos

  5. Jürgen Germany

    I wish every new student that he can feel what Kabbalah really is, means to get the feeling of taking care, to feel what benefit we could achieve between us if we following the words of Baal Sulam and Rabash.

  6. Sapar

    I wish to all new students be lucky and come to the convention.

  7. Zsolt Hermann

    I wish for all of us to feel like a school of wish, flock of birds, moving, sensing together in absolute unison, when we cannot tell “me” or “us” apart but we experience a sensation we never felt before: “the natural circle of life” flowing through our connections. This would give us a completely new breath of life, a taste that we can never forget, or move away from again! This is in our power, capability we just need to want it to happen!

  8. Staffan

    I wish every person who come to the congress will be able to feel his or her purpose in this world, to identify in others the same desire and the lack to take the next step above the ego towards connection and love.

  9. Gala

    I wish this Congress to be the next stage of our development and I know it will be. We are on this path together: there’s no turn around! I wish that everyone new who attends the congress gets the feeling of a big family gathering, very warm, very caring and loving!

  10. Laurence

    My deepest wish is for all friends, new and old, to realize the purpose for our being alive, both as individuals and collectively… that all will discover their active role in bringing the whole of reality to unity, peace and joy!

  11. ilan

    I wish that they will reveal the greatness of the wisdom of Kabaalah,
    how huge and magnificent it is,
    That they will find their friends, their Soul and correct it
    and can bestow.

  12. Oana Constantinescu

    I wish for the new students to feel the sensation of being part of a society concerned about giving pleasure to our Creator!

  13. Batel

    מאחלת להרגיש לא את מה שבך ולא את מה שבחברי
    מאחלת לך להרגיש את מה שמתגלה בשדה שבין בני האדם. הרגשה חזקה של אהבה של גדלות הבריאה גדלות תוכניתה ומחשבתה.

  14. Danny Weissfeld

    I wish for you that the path of truth will open in Your heart during this congress

  15. Shlomi

    I wish that all who comes, that they’ll have the ability to integrate and find the true sensation of being one kli with the creator binding them together with love.

  16. Erez sela

    חיבור בעשיריות

  17. Annette - Denmark

    I wish that all the friends submit themselves into each other and in the center of the ten melt together in one, and in one prayer feel the greatnes of the friends and the Creator

  18. Ten 16 petach tikva

    We wish all the friends state of Ibur at the kenes

  19. Eva Sjoesweard

    That they all together will get the strenght to be able to create a strong and everlasting UNITY filled with LOVE and yearning for spirituality

  20. Eva

    That they all together will get the strenght to be able to create a strong and everlasting UNITY filled with LOVE and yearning for spirituality

  21. Yehonatan mangold

    I wish that each one who arrives get to realize that this is the opportunity of is life

  22. Yoav

    To find the answers to all fo the questions he ever asked him self and didnt got an answer for them

  23. You mironsky

    Hope you will meet the creator among your friends

  24. Светлана

    Всем кто едет на конгресс в Нью Жерси я желаю, чтобы они почувствовали настоящий мировой дух конгресса. Почувствовали, что все мы вместе составляем одну душу Адам Кадмона. Приобрели новых друзей. Расширили связи в мировом каббалистическом движении. И с вдохновением занимались распространением. Желаю всем больших духовных продвижений.

  25. Saar

    I wish all the friends to feel life and happiness while walking on our path of truth!

  26. oren levi

    I wish for all of us to feel the light of love in the convention, that it will enliven us, refine us, connect us and make us as loving as itself.



  28. Arie Kaikov

    I wish all students to start feeling the we are living in one system, connected to each other like one BIG family.
    And this brings us joy, felling secure and all good things one can imagine. Together sisters and brothers.

  29. Giorgi SPA

    Желаю всем прибывающим на конгресс самоотмены перед товарищами с намерением объединения до стадии Арвут

  30. Benjamin

    It is your opportunity, to reveal yourself a new way your life!
    Good luck!

  31. Eitan (Jerusaleam)

    I wish that all the students integrate with the great group and feel the true connection, the quality of bestowal between all the friends.

  32. José Manuel

    Pido al Bore otorgue a todos La Luz circundante y que está haga ver que todos son parte del Alma de AA corregido y que sientan que están cara a cara con El

  33. Aaron Chester

    I wish all new students to feel at the Congress a place of connection, love and truth. I wish for them to feel themselves at the beginning of a journey that, while it may not be easy, will bring them true fulfillment. I hope they will understand that they have all the support they could ever need in the group, under the guidance of the Rav and all the Kabbalists before him. Lechaim new friends!

  34. Елена, Германия

    Я желаю всем продвинутся дальше по духовным ступеням и этим самым притянуть ещё больше людей к мировому объединению.

  35. Eliyahu

    Yesterday morning rereading The Writings of the Last Generation, specifically the introduction and the beginning of Part 1, a passage struck me from each as if I had never seen them before.

    The first passage, referring to the beast: “Man’s advantage over it is that the spirit of man ascends into the past as one looks in the mirror and sees one’s flaws so as to correct them. Similarly, the mind sees what it has been through, and corrects its future conducts.”

    — It is clear that the “past” that one’s “spirit ascends” to—isn’t what “the mind sees” as “what it has been through …”—but rather the latter is an “after” effect of the first. This “after” (below) like that “past’ (above), has nothing to do with corporeal time.

    The second, referring to the need to accomplish similarity of form with Creator through bestowal to others, yet that efforts directed solely to personal and family necessities do not detract from this: “…’Necessity is neither condemned nor praised.’ This is the great revelation that will only be revealed entirely in the days of the Messiah. When this teaching is received, we will be rewarded with complete redemption.”

    — Yet all actions in corporeal time are a matter of cause and consequence— pure necessity as all has already happened above.
    There lies the point with both. Where we ascend to is the spiritual past—our unconscious unity and see where our connections broke, to put them together into descent of the present into the spiritual future of conscious reconnection. There is no praise or condemnation in corporeal actions –these are merely a perpendicular framework—irrelevant to free choice.

    In short, the entire advantage of the human level is in spiritual accomplishment, upwards into connection with others in bestowal towards absolute Unity itself—in those connections perceiving the past unraveling as we approach it to correct in moving upwards into the future. This entire reflection and movement are through the joining with others.

    To detach from the corporeal flow of necessity to the free choice one of our true perception and accomplishment, we must—my beloved friends, dear brothers & sisters–meet physically and there where the root touches the branch, and rise together as one.

    We will do this in New Jersey—where we will have ears to hear the Messiah’s horn, and eyes to see the complete redemption. We’ve but to step up to that first rung upon the Sulam—the Ladder, and the rest will then be so much easier. There is none so wise as the experienced—and finally, we will be.

    See you, see me, see ourself—at the congress!

  36. Bernardo Scolnik

    I will prey that all the friends will be in a constant prey all the congress, to the almighty, for the succes of the connection between us and for our connection with the whole humanity to please our lord above all !!!

  37. Сергей

    Каждому кто приедет на конгресс я желаю ощутить силу единства в которой раскрывается Творец – эта сила поднимет каждого кто хочет на ступень человек!

  38. Scott Hankins

    My wish is for anyone who desires to experience true connection, that they may receive this feeling of unity and love, and know the real purpose and mission behind their life.

  39. Shai Zamir

    Love of Friends

  40. ירושלמי

    מאחל שכל החברים נצליח להתבטל בשמחה אדירה בפני העשירייה, בזכות הבורא שנמצא בתוכה

  41. Daria Tupota

    I wish to discover, that only a group is a way to be connected with a Creator!

  42. Eva from Denmark

    I wish everyone who is coming to the congress to have a strong connection

  43. Hanoch

    Everyone will attain the goal = meaning of his/her life.

  44. Gleb

    I wish those who attend the congress to rush into this completely unbelievable atmosphere bravely and joyfully. Watch the people around you, whatch the change that happens right here among us, not on the stage, and pay attention to your intetnal changes during the congress! It’s gonna be marvellous.

  45. Beatrice wnouk

    מאחלת לחברים להנות משי שותף עם הבורא בכל שלב ביום ולהמליך את הבורא על כל מעשה.

  46. Mónica Cordero

    Yo le deseo que sea como una gota de agua y se diluya con el océano de amor de BB y ser uno con él

  47. Jocelyne

    I wish that you are able to let go of your everyday life in order to free your thoughts towards the one goal…to connect to the Friends and become One in our collective demand to the Creator.

    Help us adhere to You, beloved Creator.

  48. Slava Murmansk

    Желаю, всем самотмены перед силой единства, силы Веры, устремления к духовному, намерения на отдачу и Удачи!!! Люблю Вас!!!

  49. Natali

    Why trifle? Just Gmar Tikun!

  50. Oxana

    😀ONE goal= ONE life?

  51. Oxana Petrovskaya

    I wish to everyONE who are participating in NJ congress May 3-4-5-6 2018 experience the state of ONENESS ABOVE SPACE AND TIME AND FEEL HOW GOOD THE GIVER OF GOOD😀

  52. Gil

    I wish all will feel the spritual power of the ten and of the world wide group

  53. Oxana


  54. Oxana

    What is hope? I wish for U experience light EHIDA 😃

  55. linda

    I wish each and everyone to obtain a true intention and deficiency in order to feel the Upper Force within their connection to all – adhesion with it.

  56. Elisheva Viner

    Ребята. вы представители всего мирового Кли! От вашего хисарона зависит, что сможет Рав раскрыть и передать всему миру. Это наш общий конгресс, наш общий хисарон и наш общий успех. ВМЕСТЕ!!!

  57. סיגל


  58. Sandra

    The ability to permanently annul to Him and each other, which will allow for the tight knit unity/connection; and all the rest one needs to do for His pleasure and Glory.

  59. Misha

    I wish for everyone attending the upcoming convention to feel the true desire to bestow

  60. נסי


  61. Omar

    Deseo para todos que llegan al congreso que lo disfruten y encuentren lo van a buscar

  62. Javier Flores Castro

    que El Creador permita nuestra conexión y unifique nuestras mentes y corazones en la grandeza de la meta

  63. Cesar Martinez

    Deseo de todo de corazon, que los amigos alcancen el amor de amigos, ahavat ahim!….

    I wish for the friends from my heart that they reach the love of friends, ahavat ahim!…

  64. Hartwig Rademacher

    I wish the new student who will come to the congress to perceive this certain moment, where he feels that the Creator has saved his life from death …

  65. Yaki

    שנצליח ליצור את המצב המתאים לעיבור ולקליטה של תכונות הבורא בנו בתור כוח חלוץ של מימוש ואהבת לרעך כמוך

  66. Alfons

    I wish for new students that they were impressed by open hearts during the congress and that they will feel the wonder of connection.

  67. Nataliy

    Желаю всем довериться Творцу и самоотмениться для максимального объединения. Пусть Свет исправит нас так ,чтобы увидеть всех совершенными .

  68. Luis Delgado

    I wish you the greatest desire for the Creator, that you are capable to create that huge desire where the Creator will manifest in full aspect.

  69. Eduard Nuzbroh

    Желаю что бы мы включились в творца.

  70. Ariel Ríos

    A cada amigo que llega al Congreso le deseo que pueda unirse a todo el kli con el único propósito de descubrir al Creador

  71. Riga #1 Women

    We wish everyone to feel what is the miracle of connection, real connection between the hearts that opens up a whole new reality.

  72. Еmiliya naumova

    I want to congratulate them for being elected by our Developing Natural Power to give their desire, intent and talent for the general correction of mankind, and to receive a reward and incentive for their efforts in Congress, expressed in their necessary Hyssar for a spiritual way of life in joy and dedication!

  73. Trénell Ladd

    I wish everyone a great time meeting our dear friends from the USA and worldwide. A experience that will bring true clarity and practical application of the Wisdom of Kabbalah. I wish all to realize a common connection among us and around the world in mind and heart that will open up the the plan, purpose and joy of Life. Truly I expect this to happen! See You there!

  74. Brenda Jones

    I wish for everyone to feel in their hearts the sensation of the Creator, His greatness and unbounded love for us, the closest part of His creation, and by this to come to love Him in return, in the same measure!

  75. Deb Z

    I wish that every person at the congress feels the joy of unity with others, and that the feeling of joy and connection stays with them forever!

  76. Amber

    May you experience a new sensation of love. There is an indescribably good feeling we experience when we are surrounded by a group of people whose intentions and goals are aligned and aimed towards love…a desire to be a positive force in this world. <3

  77. Shai

    I wish you fullfil your desire to reveale the purpose of life

  78. Avshalom Rahamim

    I want everyone to do Mesirut nefesh.

  79. Avshalom Rahamim

    Я желаю каждому участнику конгресса совершить тотальную самоотмену.

  80. Sharon

    Join your wish for them all !!!

  81. Айрат

    Желаю самых невероятных переживаний, раскрытия радости быть вместе с товарищами, радости от реализации смысла жизни.

  82. Raisa

    Желаю ,чтобы каждый ощутил частью одной общей системы,кем он является на данном этапе в этой системе и что может сделать,чтобы наши дети проходили путь Ахишена.

  83. Irina

    Friends I wish you merge of everyone me on We

  84. Oana

    The time has come…it’s here, with us, together…the miracle that all of us have dreamed for…a sparkle that became a torch!

  85. assaf

    I wish for all the friends participating in the conngress, that they will feel that they are getting more feel and desire for a change from work for their own benefit to the benefit of the Creator and everything outside them. Who will simply be graced with this work. A great desire to serve the other and the Creator.

  86. Ирина

    Желаю каждому, больше общих действий, чтобы слиться с Творцом.

  87. Юлия

    Женская 4-я десятка Евг ”Весна 2015” желает участникам американского конгресса радости от великого объединения, пробуждения видеть за каждым товарищем устремление к Творцу!
    Никто не может исправиться или подняться сам по себе, и только в построении связи со всеми остальными душами заключается исправление души.
    И как исправление каждого зависит от всех, так и исправление всех зависит от каждого.
    Поэтому желаем вам Бороться и искать, найти и не сдаваться.
    И если вместе, то мы обязательно достигнем цели ради которой человек и пришел в этот мир: достичь слияния с Творцом.
    Желаем большого подъёма и Единства Мировой группе.

  88. Aleksey

    We are one family
    And world in our responsibility
    Together Brothers
    ARVUT ✊😃

  89. Pedro Strongheart

    I am going to the congress to serve the friends, to make sure all my friend’s needs are met.

  90. Justin K.

    I wish good luck and joy to you on the path!

  91. Janny Kiksen-Wapenaar

    I wish for all my friends from KabU and everyone who attends the congres a heart felt connection, become as one great force of Light and dissiminate the wisdom of Kabbalah! Arvut!

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