Lesson plan

“In Arvut as One Man”

1. Revealing the Creator
in the connection between us

We are grateful for this opportunity and are ready to go out and work the field between us, with everything we’ve got.

  • Each of us has but one goal – “for divinity to dwell between us
  • You made me
  • Go out into a “field that the Creator blessed”
  • I seek my brothers
  • The center of the circle
  • One soul


2. In Arvut as one man

We want to feel that without this force of Arvut it will be our burial place, that this is a unique moment in all of creation.

  • The conditions for implementing Arvut
  • From “Me” to “We”
  • One cannot save himself from imprisonment
  • As one man in one heart
  • We all enter the covenant of Arvut


3. The power of prayer

Where we try to cover the breakage with love only to reveal a complete need for the help of the upper one.

  • In the efforts to connect our hearts the evil inclination is revealed
  • Love covers all transgressions
  • Despair from our own forces
  • Discovering the need for the Creator’s help
  • “One” reveals “One”


4. Signing a covenant of salt

A through examination of our readiness to leave everything behind and commit to the state we attained.

  • Signing a covenant with the Creator
  • The covenant of Salt
  • Continuing as one group in Arvut