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You’re invited to join in this special live preparation event for the upcoming 2018 World Kabbalah Convention in New Jersey!

The Pre-Convention Celebration will take place here on this page, on: 

  • Sunday, April 15 at 8:00 PM Eastern Time (US).

In this celebration, you can 

  • ask KabU instructors questions and get them answered live, 
  • participate in contests and win special prize packs
  • learn everything you need to know to prepare for the upcoming convention
  • get inspired and meet other great people who’ll be attending!

Keep an eye out on emails from KabU, and updates on toward the event.

Ask Your Questions Here. Get Them Answered Live During the Live Celebration Event!


  1. Anne Liu

    I suggest that during the congress, you can bring in the games of the angels and the little masters. Do you know this game?

  2. Laura

    How is the Kabbalah group different from other altruistic groups, self-help groups, emotional intelligence groups etc…who teach ego reduction and care & support for the friend?

  3. Natalie Harris

    I just read Karen Berg’s TO BE CONTINUED. In it she speaks of the absolute assurance that YOU WILL COME BACK FOR ANOTHER INCARNATION if you are cremated. Can you assist me in understanding this? WHy would being put in the EARTH to be decimated by worms be above the other elements of FIre, or water–what of those who drown and bodies are not recovered? Or those whose bodies are left uncovered in the air? WHy would the ENDLESS LOVE CARE?

  4. Martin

    in what way is the dancing and connection at a Kabbalah convention different than what happens during celebrations on Israel Independence day where there is public dancing, hugging, sitting around campfires and real connection between strangers?

  5. sudhir pandey

    I am basically visual artist and astrologer and i am inclined to Israel culture and Kabbalah since you come online when i go to sleep and i miss attending your programs. I wish to lean Kabbalah but i can not afford it although i am curious. i was a student in beaux arts Le Mans and i was happy during my french stay in 1997-98 but my life is not settled in India. will i be get rich or ever will be settling in france hence i am 45 now and no hopes seems. what to do ? recently i am allotted a house in India but i do not have initial amount to pay until month ends. will i be able to claim this home ? when i will be promoted as Head of department in college ? regards
    thanking you

  6. Yovi Munnaroo

    Is Poland connected to the Kabbalist somehow ?

  7. Yovi Munnaroo

    Is Poland connected to the Kabbalist somehow ?
    What is I really ?

  8. Esmeralda

    How can I stop to be suffering bcuz my relationship has no more hope ? Go thru all of this once again in my life hurts me a lot !!!

  9. Paul

    I find it disturbing that woman and men are separated during the workshops. Surely, in this day and age we should encourage men and women to learn to speak to each other not maintain out of date concepts about male and female spiritual needs . Will this be addressed at the Congress?


    Thank you

  11. Joseph

    How to increase connection?

  12. Md

    If I am now aware of my improsonment and have decided to do anything and everything possible to awake. Where can I go to accomplish this. Is there a school in Israel? I am ready to travel anywhere in the world and to give up everything. If I have no other choice. If I can no longer continue living asleep and my only priority is being surrounded by people with similar goals of awakening. Where do I go? I have nothing stopping me. My only obstacle is a group and lifestyle to learn.

  13. Dustin

    Where can I go to live and learn from masters who have awaken? Where can I truly dedicate my life to awakening in the presence of true teachers?

  14. Elliott Meltzer

    It is important to live by example, and the internet, for example, has given us an opportunity to offer the light of Kabbalah more widely than ever before. What more can we do individually and collectively, on both a physical and spiritual level, to shine the light brighter so that more people can see and connect with it?

  15. Bright

    We appreciate your efforts to bring the light to all humanity. We are with you tapping in unified desire.

  16. James A. Owolabi

    I know that Kabbalah is not a religion, Christians pray through Jesus Christ and in most cases vocalize their intentions.How do we pray as students of the wisdom of Kabbalah? What are the modus operandi of praying Kabbalistically? –

  17. Magboul

    What is the relationship between Angels and their sephirotes ? I need to understand the concept of Angels and the life of perception…
    xie xie= thank you..

  18. Leah

    What is thought? Where does thought come from? Why do we think?

  19. Ninian U Bond

    Does the fact that their is a perpetual revelation from on high mean that not only is our knowledge of the upper realms only temporary and that we always have to keep growing to get progressive revelations from above but that maybe there is a war in the upper realms between light and dark that is something we asked for before we incarnated something that our true self knows of and approves of as it is the very challenging material we need in order to maintain steady progress toward what I must ask a unity that will forever be forced back into separation will we ever reach the equality of things that is spoken of?

  20. Irena Chizhik

    For a Man in life, whom to follow : Wife or Mother?

  21. Robert Barth

    Is it true that when your conscious is attuned to your soul, your moving into the 99percent realm, the source of miracles?

  22. Cheftzibah

    What happens to the soul of a Jewish woman who marries an uncircumcised man, who is righteous, but due to an illness at birth, was not circumcised? Is her soul cut off?

  23. Trudy Barnum

    If this is not a program of spirituality, then why pray? Rav had the women writing a pprayer in our 10’s some months ago.

  24. Paula Coulson

    Thanks for your answer. Do exist a relationship between the oral Torah passed by generations and Kabbalah, Zohar? Thanks

  25. Leandro Alvarez

    What do you think is the impact of Kabbalah in day to day life?

  26. Michelle

    Can I connect the to the congress by internet? I am in brasil and want To conect. Where can I find the texts to read in advance?.

  27. Doriel Mackay

    Shalom, Welcome to America Chassids/mystics.

  28. Andrea Hernández

    What kind of activities are we gonna do in the convention ?

  29. SoJi

    How can the teachings of the Kabbalah affect one’s family life especially in the area of radiating children?

  30. Harry

    Ego reduction and the desire to help others is a byproduct of the Kabbalist’s perspective of reality. do these different groups For what reason do these groups practice altruism? Here lies the difference between them.

  31. Sally Adnams Jones

    why is this information available to the public now – at this time. Who decided to open up this information.

  32. Jan

    Am I too late to join?

  33. Test Tester

    No, we’re still running for a few minutes

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